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The Best NFL Coaches in the History of the Game

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The Best NFL Coaches in the History of the Game

The National Football League (NFL) is almost as old as American football itself. So it stands to reason ,that in its not quite 100 year old history, the NFL produced a number of remarkable coaches. Below is a list of the best of the best. It should be noted that in considering criteria, a number of factors were considered besides “best season” or “most trips to the Super Bowl”. As readers will see, it takes a lot to be the best, including patience, creativity, and great leadership skills.

12. George Allen, Washington Redskins(1966-1977)
What was up with this Allen guy? He took little interest in an offensive game. He was one of the league’s biggest player traders. And his teams were veteran-heavy. On the other hand, he turned in season after winning season for the Redskins. And under his watch, Washington’s team went to Super Bowl VII.

11. Tony Dungy, Tampa Buccaneers(1996-2008)
Dungy is considered a notable NFL trailblazer in two ways. First, he was the first African-American NFL head coach to win a Super Bowl. Secondly, he devised the influential “Tampa Two” defensive strategy in which the middle linebacker sets up what seems to be a “Cover 2” play but switches to a “Cover 3” before the other team can recover.

10. Bud Grant, Minnesota Vikings(1967-1985)
Grant started out as both a talented professional football and basketball player, then moved on to ten years of professional coaching for the Canadian Football League. After joining the Vikings, he led the team to ten national titles and four Super Bowls.

9. Marv Levy, Buffalo Bills(1978-1997)
Levy took the Bills to the Super Bowl on four occasions. Although the team never won in these face-offs, Levy remains celebrated for his strong defensive team, and his powerful “K-Gun” strategy.

8. Curly Lambeau, Green Bay Packers(1921-1953)
One of the Packers’ original players, Lambeau was also the team’s first coach. In his 30+ year coaching career, he led this team to six national titles. He is also noted for his innovative use of the forward pass.

7. John Madden, Oakland Raiders(1969-1978)
This Super Bowl winner is also one of the NHL’s overall best regular season winners, with well over a hundred Oakland victories.

6. Bill Parcells, New York Giants(1983-2006)
Parcells was the first coach to work with four different NFL teams during his career. But his greatest success was with the Giants, with whom he won two Super Bowls.

5. Joe Gibbs, Washington Redskins(1981-1992; 2004-2007)
Gibbs liked the Redskins so much that he coached the team twice. He’s also noteworthy for winning this team three Super Bowls with three different starting quarterbacks each time.

4. Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys(1960-1988)
Landry was this team’s first coach. Over the twenty-nine seasons he coached them, he won twenty of them, leading the team to five Super Bowls and winning two.

3. George Halas, Chicago Bears(1920-1967)
The Bears’ first coach led his team to six national titles. He also makes the list for being ranked number two for the most wins of all time.

2. Chuck Noll, Pittsburgh Steelers(1969-1991)
He transformed one of the NFL’s biggest losers to one of its superstars in the 1970s, and made NFL history with four Super Bowl wins in six years. He is also ranked number seventh for most all-time victories.

1. Don Shula, Miami Dolphins(1963-1995)
Shula remains the winner in terms of overall victories. He was also at the helm in 1972 when the Dolphins had a perfect season, winning every game that they played.


Biggest Scandals in New England Patriot History

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Biggest Scandals in New England Patriot History

(Left to right) New England Patriot cheerleaders Briana Lee, Alysha Castonguay, Stacey McIntyre and Dinna Yap perform a dance routine for Airmen and their families at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, as part of Operation Season's Greetings, an Air Force Reserve Command-sponsored tour designed to bring some down home entertainment and holiday cheer to Airmen overseas. Other performances included latin pop sensation Melina Leon, comedian Dick Hardwick and the Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve. The tour made its first stop in Incirlik, with other visits scheduled for Iraq, Great Britain and Germany. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Matthew Bates)

New England Patriots Are A Success Through the Choicest Scandals in the NFL 
Knowing what to do in the important moments in competition is what determines who is the winner when up against the greatest opponents. In the NFL, the New England Patriots have shown that they know how to make the best choices at cheating as well as the making the best plays. DeFlateGate was an embarrassment as it was shown that the star quarterback of recent times, Tom Brady, draws from the confidence he creates in his ball tossing by using the easier to throw deflated footballs. No feelings of apprehension filtered in while breaking NFL regulations those on the proper inflation of the footballs were being broken. This was just an inconvenient hurdle that had to be traversed.

Those who are partial to the great team and their star quarterback, are quick to minimize the effects of taking these illegal measures. Dismissing the rule bending of deflating footballs as being an insignificant advantage. Yet, it is the motivation and the boldness of players who seem to feel that they are above the regulations, which also epitomized poor sportsmanship due to cheating. This should disqualify the team from their Superbowl title since the path to the season finale was tainted with cheating, if there is any justice at all.

Another famous occasion where this mentality within the ranks of the New England Patriots was on display for those who care about following the rules of the game was the boldness of the lies being told in the week before the DeFlateGate farce. Bill Belichick was accused by the Raven’s Coach John Harbaugh of having submitted a four-man offensive line that had an illegal receiver on the list. This was thought to have been a trick and created an advantage so that the Patriots would prevail as they did in a close contest in the Divisional Round of the playoffs of 2015. They won by a narrow 35 to 31 points. The Raven’s felt that this act deprived them of enough notice so that the turnaround time to launch a proper offensive was conveniently too short. Does any guilt filter in? One has to wonder, or does pride in the cunning override this condition of illegal gamesmanship?

Another famous and successful plot the favorite sons called the New England Patriots carried out was the SpyGate scandal. It is said that this was the scandal that topped the list for the most nefarious in the history of the Patriots NFL participation. During 2007, while playing the New York Jets, New England had been videotaping the Jet’s play-call signaling. This was illegal. A proper investigation did take place which revealed that this practice was going on from 2002 to 2007 when it was finally discovered. Punishment was similar to the DeFlateGate incident. A monetary fine was also imposed of $250,000 along with the denial of a first round draft choice for that season and a fine levied on Bill Belichick of $500,000.

Much earlier in their career, in 1972, when the team was under the other leadership, the snowy game against the Dolphins was scoreless until the forth quarter. Assisting the Patriots to victory the snowplow operator plowed a spot in the field for the Patriot’s kicker Josh Smith to kick the winning field goal. The Dolphins complained that this was a shameful act of unfairness and perhaps the worst in the history of the NFL. Such is the reputation of the New England Patriots, going back decades. They will use their craftiness, cunning, and propensity for cheating better than all other teams with no shame or guilt it seems, claiming the others “gotta study the rule book and figure it out.” Tom Brady reflects on these issues by calling such tactics ‘weapons.’ for making important plays.