Best Wide Receivers Tom Brady Has Ever Had

Best Wide Receivers Tom Brady Has Ever Had
Mr. Deflate-gate has Five he Goes to for Big Scores 

He is still throwing successful bullets right into the hands of his chosen five best receivers on a winning basis. Although Tom ‘deflat-gate’ Brady is a nearly forty, thirty eight years old, he shows no real signs of running out of arm. Number twelve still thrills his hometown fans and keeps the New England Patriots in the mix for another big dance in February 2017. A very small contingent of football fans believe that as the man was found guilty of manipulating the inflation standard of the footballs during the controversial deflate-gate saga, the punishment was simply benign.

It could be said that, if there was any true justice, the New England Patriots should have been retroactively disqualified from being in the Super Bowl that they won in the last seven seconds of the game by intercepting the pass from Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. And furthermore, the Seattle Seahawks should then have been given the 2014 Super Bowl Title as first runner ups with the disqualification of Tom Brady’s team.

After all, they did cheat to win their position in the Super Bowl by deflating the footballs that season in the games leading up to the Super Bowl. Technically they should not qualify after this cheating episode. However, the slap on the wrist was given and they should eventually experience true karma.

Perhaps choosing these five men regularly each contest has enough winning mo jo to convince legions of football fans to look past the dark moment for Brady and the Patriots. So the stellar glow of Tom Brady, still shines on as he escaped being stripped of a title as punishment as had happened to other ‘great unsportsmanlike’ fallen heroes such as Lance Armstrong.

So the beat goes on, and justice was served two weeks ago when the Seahawks got revenge on the Patriots. Still, the best receivers to make things happen for the Brady lead Patriots, igniting anticipation for the next big chance to win another Super Bowl, involve Julian Edelmen at number five on the list. In his 87 games he caught 21 touchdown passes, 327 receptions, and 3,434 receiving yards, being compact and lethal with his speed and adept catching and snatching skills

The other four are just as spectacular with super bowl assist wins such as Deion Branch, another compact wide receiver with an MVP award, 518 career receptions, and 39 receiving touchdown receptions. Another great is Troy Brown, with 557 receptions, 31 receiving touchdowns in 192 games. He has a great future with the Patriots. The second most valuable receiver on the roster is Wes Walker who has an astonishing 900 receptions, 50 receiving touchdowns in 173 games and 9,905 receiving yards. He was the go to before Edelmen arrived hailing from Texas Tech. At the top of the list is Randy Moss, who has 982 receptions, 156 receiving touchdowns in 218 games and 15,292 receiving yards. He is known as the ‘Freak’ and the greatest of all time receivers, not to mention Brady’s best go to guy.